USA Tour

Amazing USA Tours
Keeps surprising you every day! With a great array of cultures, landscapes, and lively cities, USA Tours offer endless opportunities to explore. From breathtaking Niagara falls to the famous Statue of Liberty and vibrant Yellowstone Park to spectacular marine life of the west, the charm of USA tour packages is diverse indeed. USA Tours with SK Study & Tours Consultants can be a life enriching experience as one unwinds a whole new treasure trove of unmatched beauty, architecture, history & lot more.

What is the Best Time to Visit the USA?
The seasons of spring and fall are the best time to visit the USA. The spring season emerges from March to May, while fall is from September to November. The weather during these seasons is conducive and pleasant.

What Is the USA Famous For?
USA is famed for its diverse states that provide unique and multifarious offerings and also its fast food revolution which tickles the taste buds.

What language is spoken in the USA?
English is spoken in the USA. Although, accents may vary from place to place.

What is the USA’s most famous food?
Cheeseburgers, French fries, Buffalo wings, donuts, pizza and marshmallows are the most famous fast foods of the States.

How many days are enough for a USA trip?
About a week is enough for an American holiday. However, you can pick from a variety of packages depending on your preferences and places you wish to visit.

Is America safe for female travellers?
America is safe for female travellers, if proper precautions are taken.